3D-VR Tech Solutions has over 47 years’ experience building media content for movies, education, and documentaries. We started in the world of 35mm film and over the years produced content from film to every digital format available, including custom visual effects for television documentaries and films.

3D-VR Tech Solutions is now developing custom 3D and virtual reality classroom subject matter lessons and content libraries for public school districts, private academic centers, and homeschooling.

Other areas of content development: healthcare such as medical field training, industrial training, concert arenas, gaming industry, 3D theater experiences, and amusement parks.

3D-VR Class Organizer

Software for teachers.   Recent project includes the software serving as backend on a standalone school server. The software complies with requirements for the Washington State Guidelines for Education, The COMMON CORE, the E.S.S.A requirements and the National Science Education Standards. A curriculum assets library is continuously updated with new curriculums, teacher lesson templates, and classroom content.

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