Some of the top technology issues and priorities of government organizations include the following:

Security and Risk Management

  • Ensure continuous improvement of efforts to safeguard government data through cybersecurity.
  • Additional resources are needed to fight an ever-growing, well-resourced and persistent cyber threat.    Competing for professionals with these highly sought-after skills is becoming increasingly difficult, especially in the public sector where compensation is limited.

Cloud Services

IT leadership see cloud-based development platforms as an innovation that can improve efficiency and reduce costs if done right.

  •  Move more information from individual computers and physical data centers to “the digital cloud” to consolidate and create gains in infrastructure proficiency.

Consolidation and Optimization

  • Movement away from the implementation of single technologies, and looking instead to more uniform solutions that support end user needs.
  • Process re-engineering and improvement.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

  • Strategically broker technology toward outcome and business process, and use data to make business decisions.
  • Government agencies have identified the need for help in managing the proliferation of data and developing master data management plans.
  • Data silos clutter the enterprise and are not easily accessible.

Legacy Modernization

  • Outdated network infrastructure is causing “a crisis“.
  • Many government networks that exist today are too outdated and cannot fully support the requirements of cloud computing, mobility, and big data.

Neotech’s GAMA5 is the framework used for developing customized and unified process management tools for public sector entities. GAMA5 featuring mobile web integration interfacing with internal and external applications consolidating and managing data on one platform for business analytics, reporting, decision making and planning.

GAMA5, as the backbone for process improvement and management tools, embodies the following core principles:

  • Integration
  • Consolidation
  • Mobilization
  • Analytics
  • Visualization

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