How did Neotech, medications a technology focused company, get into Military Logistics?

In the fall of 2009, during a government-sponsored air load planning class in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the instructor, a career Air Force officer and a member of the Neotech team, was presented with a proposition – would Neotech be interested in a private contract for airfield operations?

Senior leadership at Wyoming Air National Guard (ANG) had an interest in growing the utilization of its airfield and infrastructure.   The issues that concerned ANG were adequate personnel resources and a well-designed implementation plan.   Neotech (at the time, an 8(a) certified small business) embarked on in-depth research into the Camp Guernsey airfield operations and Wyoming ANG procurement regulations.  Neotech then prepared an unsolicited proposal to become the prime contractor to administer and manage airfield operations and presented this to the Wyoming ANG.

The proposal was circulated and reviewed by multiple groups within the ANG and received positive feedback.  Neotech was invited to meet with and present to ANG senior leadership and brief the ADJ General and his staff.  Subsequently, the ADJ General directed his staff to secure initial funding for the project and a contract was awarded.


Since the initial contract award in 2009, the contract has been re-competed and awarded to Neotech, which has now been performing for eight years. Below are the broad functional duties, each consisting of a multitude of safety and technical inspection points and operational responsibilities that the government determined to be critical to the measurable success of the program:

Pre-mission Coordination
Sample inspection points and operational responsibilities:

  • Dispatch of range utilizations requests
  • Coordination of range availability with Guernsey Range Control
  • Schedule range usage for drop zones, landing zones, and R-7001 range clearance
  • Facilitate secondary training opportunities i.e. rotary wing sling load recoveries
  • Assist with completion of MIPR’s IAW Camp Guernsey Reimbursement SOP

Sample inspection points and operational responsibilities:

  • Ensure support elements are in place, i.e. CFR, ground equipment, sling load aircraft
  • Activate NOTAM for IFR entry corridor 24 hrs prior to mission
  • Provide communications and range clearance to participating aircraft
  • Coordinate de-confliction of participating ground and air assets
  • Provide landing reports for assault procedures

Sample inspection points and operational responsibilities:

  • Clear and close range complex with Range Control/Fire Desk
  • Return loads to user as appropriate, i.e. Camp Guernsey Airfield, Cheyenne Airport
  • Close Airspace with Denver ARTCC

Ground Operations Support
Sample inspection points and operational responsibilities:

  • Provide transient alert support, i.e. schedule fuel and ground equipment, marshal aircraft
  • On load and off load equipment and pallets for NVG operations training
  • Maintain combat offload equipment and training materials

Other Operations Support
Sample inspection points and operational responsibilities:

  • Develop drop zone and landing zone requirements IAW Guernsey Range Complex Master Plan (RCMP)
  • Survey and publish new drop zones with Air Mobility Command Zone Availability Report
  • Coordinate Safety Distance Zones for aircraft conducting live fire with Range Operations


The government has posted data that quantifies Camp Guernsey’s utilization (by training mission) growth since the contract’s initial year.


2008 152 0 1 0 50 74 277
2009 182 5 102 116 81 110 596
2010 189 12 104 81 86 157 629
2011 354 0 10 7 60 49 480
2012 222 29 73 580 28 19 996
2013 168 30 51 55 37 24 18 389
2014 109 30 31 504 21 9 167 859


“…the joint training and services provided have been instrumental in the 1000% growth in throughput over the last seven years.”

Camp Guernsey Airfield Manager

NGWY-TSC-AF 31 July 2014



Additionally, there has been significant growth in the number and diversity of units supported between 2008 and 2014 (last fiscal year for which data is available).  In 2014, sixty (60) aviation units and twenty (20) ground units held exercises at Camp Guernsey, compared to twenty seven (27) and sixteen (16) in 2011 (older year for which data is available).


Resource availability and allocation, as well as budgets were key driving factors in 2009 and continue to be so in 2017.  Currently, the National Guard Bureau (NGB) is in the final stages of determining a procurement strategy for the airfield operations privatization program of fourteen selected bases (i.e. SDVO/SB, SB, etc.).  The success at Camp Guernsey is a model for going forward in the privatization of airbases.


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